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  Diggi Diggi Dang Dang -
Kuljit Bhamra with Judith Seelig & Tom E Morrison
  Durga Rising - Russell Churney, Barb Jungr (voice), Kuljit Bhamra
A marvellous and special collaboration of singer Barb Jungr, percussionist Kuljit Bhamra and pianist Russell Churney.
  East Westercism - Various, Kuljit Bhamra
Some of England's more experimental techno musicians mix rhythms & sounds from Asia and the Middle East with European dance-floor electronica
  Footsteps In The Sand - Sangeeta
The seductive Sangeeta presents seven original Hindi songs and one original Punjabi track in a new RnB style.
  Further East Westercism -
The English label Law & Auder's worthy sequel to East-Westercism reaches further east in search of new fusions of World music sounds.
  Global Warming -
debut album of The Ku-Da-Mix Orchestra. Five new compositions written by Kuljit Bhamra & David Braun-White for the unique multicultural ensemble.
  Himalaya Dawn - Kuljit Bhamra, Shan Chana
NEW RELEASE. A truly outstanding album of tabla and percussion based grooves, featuring guest artists from India.
  Made In India - various artists -
'The World of Indian Grooves'. Suberb 2CD set containing 39 TRACKS. NEW RELEASE.
  Magic Of Olmec - Keith Waithe
  Mantra - musical conversations across the Indian Ocean -
Orlando Consort with Kuljit Bhamra, Jonathan Mayer & Shahid Khan
  Postcards from Home -
Kuljit Bhamra (TABLA), Jacqueline Shave (VIOLIN) & John Parricelli (GUITAR)
  Prana and Drum - Kuljit Bhamra, Martin Lee Stephenson, Lol Gellor
A perfect background cd for meditation, yoga and massage.
  Rayguns in Aspic -
In the tradition of all those old, British radio shows, with their mad sketches, funny characters, clever word play and silly sound effects – comes this...
  Reels to Ragas -
first album from Scotland’s contemporary music group Red Note Ensemble. They are joined on this maiden voyage by prolific internationally acclaimed tabla...
  Reflections - Faye Rochelle, Martin Lee Stephenson
Contemporary sensitive ballady songs of love and concern from the pen and voice of Faye.
  Shooting Star - Hans Raj Hans
An outstanding collection of ten beautifully crafted Punjabi ballads sung in Hans's unique classically trained voice.
  Subterfuge In Vitro - Kuljit Bhamra, Alwynne Pritchard
NEW RELEASE. A wildly imaginative debut by the duo: Shot through with intricate and entrancing rhythmic complexity.
  Sunrise Samburu - Zak
Soulful songs written and performed by one of UK's leading African performers.
  Terracotta - Craig Pruess, Nawazish Ali Khan, Kuljit Bhamra
An exquisite creation combining the rhythms of Africa & India, with the sublime intricacies of jazz and Western classical music.
Further East Westercism
24 tracks on two full-length cds featuring various artists. The English label Law & Auder's worthy sequel to East-Westercism reaches further east in search of new fusions of World music sounds with dub, hip hop and drum & bass rhythms. Junglists PCM, Pearl and Decal colour their beats with splashes of Tibetan gongs and cymbals much like Photek's '5th Column', while Fructose adds a plucky shamisen, a Japanese stringed instrument, to his funky jump up rhythms on 'Veena'. Producers from the Asian underground find new settings for their traditional sounds, as Nusrat remixers Joi sample the big man once again on the electro-hip hop 'Shanti', and the Nation label's TJ Rehmi creates a split level tabla d&b/Arabic dub track 'Prisoners Of Freedom'. But the underlying tone is definitely electronic, as heard from the leftfield breaks of Mung or Freeform, or the discordant synth drones of Canadian David Kristian's tribal excursion 'The Market'. Among the 24 tracks are also found exclusive cuts from James Hardway, Makyo and Bedouin Ascent.